Despite Theresa May’s efforts to appease the EU whilst fostering a relationship with Trump, the pressure is building for her to pick a team.

In an attempt to build Brexit relationships, the Prime Minister has been holding talks with European leaders at the EU Presidency Summit in Malta.

However, her closeness to Trump has raised concerns among other leaders.

Maltese Prime Minister, Jospeh Muscat has said: ‘I do believe the UK is in a very delicate situation. I think it’s a balancing job the Prime Minister must make.

‘I will not judge her on the choices she makes. But it is pretty clear she needs to choose her priorities well.’

EU Presidency Summit, Malta


Trump’s distain towards the European Union coupled with his unashamedly controversial orders so far, has left members anxious over how to proceed.

EU Council President, Donald Tusk has suggested that Mr Trump now poses as big a threat as Russia, China and the Middle East.

May approached the summit in Malta with a strategy to act as a bridge between Washington and Brussels, armed with Mr Trump’s recent NATO commitment.

Unfortunately for the UK Prime Minister, EU leaders aren’t going to roll over that easily.

The French President expressed pessimism, stating: ‘Who knows what President Trump wants on NATO?’

Lithuania’s Dalia Grybauskaite had a far more scathing response: ‘I don’t think there is necessity for a bridge… We communicate with the Americans on Twitter.’

Having faced rejection from the UK already, it appears the world won’t catch the EU grovelling for a relationship with the pro-Brexit President anytime soon.