Businesses often brag about their happy employees, but new research has revealed the truth – which are the best companies to work for in North America?

Glassdoor, the firm which conducted the survey, helps thousands of employees annually to find the best companies to work for. While we’re all aware that Facebook and Google are inspiring workplaces, the rest of the top five in North America will surprise you…

1. Bain & Company

One of the world’s leading business consulting firms, Bain & Company has come out on top on the list of the best companies to work for. Famed for its supportive and innovative company culture, it boasts a score of 4.6 out of 5 in employee companies to work forStaff at Bain & Company are encouraged to constantly learn from one another and importantly, the business consultancy firm doesn’t shirk on pay. With generous wages and fast progression, employees remain motivated and feel truly valued.

‘Your colleagues are legitimately smart and always interested in helping you progress your career… Company culture is unparalleled.’

2. Facebook

With a score of 4.5 out of 5, it’s fair to conclude that Mark Zuckerberg is a pretty great boss. Their unique and open working ethos sees Facebook manage to retain employees despite constant poaching attempts by competing social companies to work forAccording to a survey by PayScale, satisfaction rates among staff at the social network soar above other companies at 93%. It seems the culture of trust, lack of stress, high incomes, and generous perks are key to keeping this Facebook flock happy.

‘Every morning when I go in, I feel like the luckiest guy on earth for ever landing a job here.’

3. Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

This leading business strategy firm are well and truly up there up there with the best companies to work for in North America.

Scoring 4.4 stars in the latest Glassdoor survey, employees are passionate about the company’s great communication, inspiring bosses, and healthy companies to work forWith 97% of employees answering ‘yes’ to having pride in their role, and 95% in agreement that they receive ‘great rewards’ , BCG are certainly doing something right.

‘The people at the firm are all top-notch. In my experience, not only was everyone bright but they were also friendly and good to work with.’

4. Google

Ranking fourth, Google remains hot on the heels of other best companies to work for in North America. The company’s HR boss, Laszlo Bock describes how keeping things innovative and fun are vital to ensuring employees are companies to work for

With free wifi-enabled shuttled taking employees to and from work, free healthy meals, laundry and fitness facilities, and on-site childcare, it seems the 57,000 Google employees really are living the dream.

Google host weekly TGIF meetings held by Larry and Sergey, where employees are free to ask whatever they like. It seems success hasn’t compromised the culture of openness.

‘Working at Google is a transformational experience.’

5. World Wide Technology (WWT)

This supply chains solutions provider prides itself on the belief that happy employees equates to happy customers. Employee feedback portrays World Wide Technology as a great big companies to work forWith free massage sessions, ice cream trucks and an onsite family health centre, life working for WWT could be worse.

Although it may sound a little soppy – the caring culture seems to pay off. As the technology provider for 45% of the Fortune 100, WWT’s generous attitude to employee satisfaction is producing results.

Do you work for any of these best companies to work for in North America?

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