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FDE Magazine: Multi-channel access to CFOs across Europe

Delivering to a unique audience on paper, online and in person

FDE continues to evolve. When it was established as a pan-European CFO magazine in 1992, its purpose was to keep CFOs updated with the latest topics and trends, and provide them with vital insights. As  communication methods advanced, these new channels became an integral part of how we reached our CFO audience. From web portals to e-zines to social media. FDE has not only kept the pace, but has taken an active lead in serving the CFO with information across all key channels, including the likes of LinkedIn and YouTube.

FDE takes great pride in maintaining a loyal CFO community. We consider our audience as ‘members’ and enjoy regular face-to-face meetings with them at our numerous events held throughout Europe. FDE has a “world class or nothing” attitude, whereby we want to delight both our CFOs and sponsors with the most useful content from the most important CFOs.

“I’ve been fortunate to attend a couple of FDE events [in] the past and contributed to the FDE publication. FDE have enticed leading UK CFOs to share their perspectives across a range of topics including digital technology, achieving cost-efficiency or managing through increased regulation. If you have the opportunity to attend their events, it’s a perfect way to broaden your network in a relaxed environment, take stock from other sectors and enable you to gain insight for your current organisation.”

Mark Evans, CFO, Telefonica UK(O2)


Vital insight for CFOs across Europe 

  • The original FDE medium of communication
  • Established in 1992
  • 11,000 printed hardcopies circulated across Europe
  • ABC audited circulation
  • e-zine version emailed out to 20,000 email addresses

CFO interviews conducted include:

  • Natalie Knight, CFO, Arla Foods
  • Laurence Debroux, CFO, Heineken
  • Jan Kees de Jager, CFO, Royal KPN
  • Katie Murray, CFO, RBS
  • Patricia Cobain, CFO, O2

Opportunities for: advertising, publishing case studies, thought leadership, survey findings and supplements.

Distribution and readership

The controllers of Europe’s largest business budgets, FDE’s readers make enterprise-purchasing decisions on everything from banking to IT networks, health insurance to communications and professional services to travel. Our ABC-audited readership, the finance directors of Europe’s leading corporations, are the people who will select and authorise the purchase of your products and services, and no other publication can offer advertisers a more effective medium to communicate with them.

Reader profile

FDE is read exclusively by senior financial executives holding power and authority at major European organisations.

Distribution and circulation

Finance Director Europe is mailed directly to 11,000 named individuals: finance directors within Western Europe in public and private companies.


  • Customised events
  • Delivered in any major European city
  • World-class venue
  • Small moderated roundtables
  • Large briefing events with a keynote speaker
  • Collaborative approach
  • Strong CFO connections
  • Focused delegate acquisition team
  • Target core prospects via wish lists
  • Pre-event calls with speaker and/or moderators
  • Post event review published in FDE magazine
  • Access to full contact details of delegates

“This is a forum where CFOs can hear from other players in other sectors about what the latest thinking is and what is going on. It’s always good to stimulate ideas and make sure that when one is back at their day job that one is thinking more broadly and can come up with ideas or contribute to the thinking of the business. These events are very useful for doing that.”

Andy Halford, group CFO, Standard Chartered Bank


The channel works by having ‘episodes’ looking at some of the key concerns at the forefront of a finance leader’s mind.We interview finance directors and CFOs, as well as their different heads of department depending on the topic of the video, to give a better insight on their collaboration.We also interview the leading providers in the industry to update our members on the best solution available to them.

  • TV Channel hosted on YouTube
  • Dedicated FDE episodes looking at some of the key concerns at the forefront of a finance leader’s mind
  • CFOs and senior finance leaders interviewed by FDE on camera
  • Opportunities to get your leadership on camera along with your key customers
  • Filmed on location across Europe
  • All footage is filmed, developed, edited and marketed by FDE
  • Averaging over 10,000 views per video

“I have collaborated with FDE on a number of occasions and have very much enjoyed the FDE experience. Most recently I have been interviewed for FDE TV, where I explained my experiences as a CFO expat in Hong Kong and felt that the finished product was extremely well put together and relevant to the CFO community. FDE’s briefing and roundtable events ‘over deliver’ in terms of venue, seniority of delegate and discussion quality.”

David Cavanna, CFO & CAO Global Banking and Markets Europe, HSBC


Sponsorship opportunities and rates

Quality content combined with a first-class approach to circulation will ensure that advertisers are able to reach and impress the business leaders they need to influence. FDE offers readers numerous options to respond to advertisements.

Print x1 x2 x3
Double-page spread £10,900 £9,810 £9,265
Full Page £7,200 £6,480 £6,120
Half page £3,500 £3,150 £2,975
Island £4,700 £4,230 £3,995
Special positions
Outside back cover £12,000
Inside front/back cover £8,900
Inside Front DPS £13,200
Special features:

1500-word case study with illustrations

600-word case study

FDE newsletter sponsorship

FDE TV Video sponsorship (£12,900)

Events sponsorship

  • Roundtable (max 10 CFO delegates) includes 3-page write-up in FDE (£20,000)
  • Small briefing (max 18 CFO delegates) includes 3-page write-up in FDE (£25,000)
  • Large briefing (max 30 CFO delegates) includes 3-page write-up in FDE (£30,000)

For customised and bespoke publishing options please contact: