The offering will be designed to manage energy and reduce emissions at industrial and business parks as well as cities


Infosys Pyramid in Bengaluru (Credit: Ashwin Kumar/

Indian IT giant Infosys and global energy company BP have partnered to develop an integrated energy as-a-service (EaaS) offering to reduce emissions at campuses and cities.

The integrated EaaS solution will be developed for end-to-end management of customers’ energy assets and services.

For the development of the digitally-enabled integrated energy offering, the partnership will leverage BP’s energy expertise and Infosys’ advanced digital capabilities.

Infosys and BP intend to utilise their capabilities to explore opportunities to provide low carbon power, low carbon heating/cooling, and low carbon mobility to campuses, driven by an AI-based digital platform.

BP group SVP and BP India president Sashi Mukundan said: “Integrated energy and mobility solutions have huge potential to enable clean cities powered by low carbon energy, and digital platforms are a vital component.

“We are excited to work with Infosys to explore how digitally-enabled integrated energy can deliver reliable, efficient and low carbon energy for Infosys campuses.

“Through this strategic collaboration BP and Infosys can combine our capabilities to manage energy for Infosys in India, and in time take this offer to other campuses, industrial parks and cities, to help the world decarbonise faster.”

The EaaS solution developed by the partnership will be aimed at enabling Infosys campuses to access low carbon energy and mobility options, and use energy more efficiently.

With the solution, the campuses are also expected to be able to optimise supply and demand across multiple users and assets, without having to invest in additional energy infrastructure.

The partnership will pilot the solution at Infosys’ Pune campus in India. Later, it will be extended to other Infosys campuses.

The companies also plan to explore opportunities to manage energy and reduce emissions at industrial and business parks as well as cities.

Infosys has already reached its carbon neutrality target in 2020, while BP aims to become a net-zero company by 2050 or sooner.