The new features added to the workplace management system include dynamic space planning, indoor wayfinding, density heat mapping, and a virtual assistant


The new indoor wayfinding feature of IBM TRIRIGA. (Credit: IBM)

IBM has added new capabilities to IBM TRIRIGA, the company’s integrated workplace management system, for supporting return to work for organisations with space planning powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The new capabilities added by the company are dynamic space planning, indoor wayfinding, density heat mapping, and a virtual assistant. The company is said to have closely worked with its technology partners Cisco and Esri for expanding the capabilities of TRIRIGA.

According to IBM, the new features are also designed to support the well-being and productivity of employees.

IBM TRIRIGA offering management director Kendra DeKeyrel said: “Returning to the workplace after nearly a year at home is going to be a challenging transition, not only for employers who need to create new spaces and protocols but for workers who need assurances their workplaces are safe, and need help navigating a changed and potentially more confusing workspace.

“TRIRIGA generates powerful insights that can help organizations as they return employees to the office, while still finding new ways to build a flexible workplace for the future.”

The dynamic space planning capability of the workplace management system enables facility managers in determining effective social distancing between workspaces when they plan new layouts to facilitate return to work post-Covid-19 pandemic.

Developed by IBM Research, the feature gives managers the scope to evaluate various seating arrangements, arrange enough spacing, and maintain enough seating for the group as well as individual work.

The indoor wayfinding capability has been developed by Esri, using which employees can save time that is wasted in searching for available desks or office rooms and also in finding colleagues.

Accessible via mobile devices, the ‘Indoor Mapping Powered by Esri ArcGIS Indoors’ feature also helps employees and visitors in maintaining social distancing and in avoiding crowded areas in offices.

On the other hand, the AI-based density heat-mapping feature helps in better management of space and social distancing. It is being offered by TRIRIGA as part of its integration with Cisco DNA Spaces.

The new virtual assistant from TRIRIGA is an AI chatbot that can be integrated into office messaging and collaboration tools. The chatbot can process direct requests such as booking a room or finding a colleague’s assigned seat, said IBM.

TRIRIGA, which offers the required insights in a single solution, can be deployed either on-premises or in a hybrid cloud environment.