Lumen Technologies to integrate IBM Cloud Satellite with its Lumen edge platform


M Cloud Satellite is claimed to offer a secured, unifying layer of cloud services for clients across environments. (Credit: Bethany Drouin from Pixabay)

IBM has launched IBM Cloud Satellite for making its hybrid cloud services generally available irrespective of environment, whether it is on any cloud, on premises, or at the edge.

The company alongside US telecommunications firm Lumen Technologies has integrated IBM Cloud Satellite with the Lumen edge platform. This enables clients to utilise hybrid cloud services in almost real-time and develop innovative solutions at the edge.

Lumen Technologies enterprise product management and services SVP Paul Savill said: “Our enterprise customers can now extend IBM Cloud services across Lumen’s robust global network, enabling them to deploy data-heavy edge applications that demand high security and ultra-low latency.

“By bringing secure and open hybrid cloud capabilities to the edge, our customers can propel their businesses forward and take advantage of the emerging applications of the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

According to IBM, the IBM Cloud Satellite provides a secured, unifying layer of cloud services for clients across environments, irrespective of where the data resides.

The company said that as workloads move to the edge, the new platform will enable clients in delivering low latency. At the same time, clients get the same levels of security, interoperability, data privacy, and open standards that are associated with hybrid cloud environments, said IBM.

The company said that with IBM Cloud Satellite, it is also extending Watson Anywhere approach with the availability of IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service. This is said to provide a flexible, secure way for clients to run their artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics workloads as services in any environment.

IBM hybrid cloud platform head Howard Boville said: “IBM is working with clients to leverage advanced technologies like edge computing and AI, enabling them to digitally transform with hybrid cloud while keeping data security at the forefront.

“With IBM Cloud Satellite, clients can securely gain the benefits of cloud services anywhere, from the core of the data centre to the farthest reaches of the network.”

IBM is also collaborating with over 65 ecosystem partners to develop secure cloud services to enable clients to run workloads in any environment through IBM Cloud Satellite. The company’s ecosystem partners include Cisco, Intel, and Dell Technologies.