Following their launch, both the Thailand and Malaysian cloud regions of Google Cloud are expected to offer high-performance and low-latency services to local organisations, with three zones to give protection against service disruptions


Google Cloud unveils plans for its first cloud regions in Malaysia and Thailand. (Credit: Grendelkhan/Wikimedia Commons)

Google Cloud has unveiled plans to open its first cloud regions in Thailand and Malaysia to meet the rising demand for cloud services in the two countries as well as around the world.

The two regions add to the company’s recent announcements of opening cloud regions in New Zealand and Mexico. These will join five regions that are to be launched shortly in Berlin, Doha, Dammam, Turin, and Tel Aviv.

According to Google Cloud, its Thailand and Malaysian cloud regions will provide the required enterprise-grade capabilities to domestic organisations for speeding up digital transformation and build new competitive advantages.

Thailand Ministry of Digital Economy and Society Permanent Secretary Ajarin Pattanapanchai said: “We encourage cloud adoption and welcome the announcement of the new Google Cloud region that is coming to Thailand.

“Access to Google Cloud’s scalable and secure computing resources will be imperative for the private sector to seize new growth opportunities, and for the public sector to enhance their delivery of next-generation, citizen-centric services.”

Upon their opening, both the Thailand and Malaysian cloud regions are expected to provide local organisations with high-performance and low-latency services, with three zones to give protection against disruption of service.

Google Malaysia managing director Marc Woo said: “Our teams have been working closely with government agencies, businesses, communities, and educators in Malaysia to provide the tools, training, and education that are essential for success in a digital future.

“When launched, the cloud region will strengthen our unique ability to bring enterprise and consumer ecosystems closer together – across Search, YouTube, Maps, Play, Cloud, and more, so we can partner more deeply with local organisations of all sizes to help them better serve the domestic market and export their products and services globally.”

The Thailand and Malaysia regions of Google Cloud will join 11 other cloud regions that are operational across Asia Pacific and Japan. These include two in Southeast Asia, in Jakarta and Singapore.

Overall, the cloud computing services provider has 34 regions and 103 zones that are presently operating in various parts of the world.