One of the new offerings is a shelf checking AI solution that leverages Google's database of facts about people, places, and things to enable retailers to recognise billions of products to make sure in-store shelves are properly sized and well-stocked


Google Cloud introduces new AI tools for retailers. (Credit: Outreach Pete/Wikimedia Commons)

Google Cloud has launched four new and updated artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to assist retail customers in transforming their in-store shelf checking processes.

The new AI tools are also expected to help retailers improve their ecommerce sites with more fluid and organic online shopping experiences for customers.

One of the tools is a shelf checking AI solution which leverages Google’s database of facts about people, places and things. The solution offers retailers the ability to recognise billions of products to make sure in-store shelves are properly sized and well-stocked.

Built on Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Vision, the new shelf checking solution is driven by two machine learning models, a product recogniser and tag recogniser.

The shelf checking AI tool is currently available in preview worldwide.

As part of an update to its Discovery AI solutions, Google Cloud has rolled out a new personalisation AI capability and AI-powered browse feature.

The two new offerings are anticipated to support retailers to enhance their digital storefronts with more dynamic and user-friendly shopping experiences.

Besides, Google Cloud’s Recommendations AI solution has introduced new machine learning capabilities allowing retailers to dynamically streamline product ordering and recommendations panels on their ecommerce pages and provide customised suggestions for repeat purchases.

Google Cloud retail and consumer vice president Carrie Tharp said: “Upheavals over the last few years have reshaped the retail landscape and the tools retailers need to be more efficient, more compelling to their customers, and less exposed to future shocks.

“Despite uncertainty, the retail industry has enormous opportunity. The leaders of tomorrow will be those who address today’s most pressing in-store and online challenges with the newest technology tools, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

Earlier this month, Google Cloud announced a partnership with the Kuwait government to launch a countrywide digital transformation roadmap.