For those struggling to find the perfect gift for a work secret Santa or present for a business-obsessed family member, it might be time to think outside the box


From stress-reducing exercise classes to wireless charging pads and books to inspire – here are the best Christmas gift ideas for entrepreneurs.


Barisieur – the coffee-brewing alarm clock

Christmas gift ideas for entrepreneurs

For barista-style coffee brewed before you’re even out of bed, Barisieur times the brewing of your morning tea or coffee to coincide with your alarm clock.

The premium alarm clock, which has been backed by the Virgin Start Up fund, is ideal for the entrepreneur who struggles to get out of bed without a hot drink in hand.

It eases you into your morning with the soothing sounds of bubbling water along with the smell of the freshly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea.

The product was designed with a digital detox in mind – replacing the impulse to automatically reach for your phone in the morning with a cup of coffee.


100 Stories of Growth: How They Did It – entrepreneurial stories to inspire

This motivational book is perfect for the entrepreneur seeking inspiration for their next business breakthrough.

Titled 100 Stories of Growth: How They Did It, the book features 100 success stories from innovators, digital transformers, female founders, inventors, disruptors and established businesses.

The coffee table book features insight from CEO and founders of companies such as Gousto, Bloom & Wild, and Vision Direct.

Every purchase of the book will also include invites to a number of events, including workshops, seminars and networking events for entrepreneurs throughout 2019.


AYO – glasses to beat jetlag

Gift ideas for entrepreneurs

Any jet-setting businessman or woman will know the impact of travelling around the world frequently.

But AYO’s light therapy glasses could be a perfect gift for them as the wearable tech helps the user to sleep better, beat jet lag and get more energy.

The headset was developed with the human body-clock in mind and emits soft blue light, similar light to the summer sun, to gently adjust the users internal clock.

The device comes with three different modes for boosting you energy, optimising  sleeping cycles, or traveling long haul.


Peach fitness class – get out the office and exercising

The Peach fitness app connects users with qualified personal trainers and wellness specialists.

Each session will include a combination of rage-relieving boxing, soothing yoga, gentle exercise and massage to work through any niggling aches and pains.

Peach says the stress-relieving workout classes will help users feel more centred and refreshed.

A Christmas package features an anti-desk de-stress class aimed at improving both physical and mental wellness.


Qi AirBank wireless charger – recharging your batteries

Keeping device batteries fully charged while on the move is always a challenge.

The Qi AirBank wireless charger allows smartphones and devices to be charged from a single wireless port.

Wireless charging uses the principle of inductive charging, where an electromagnetic field passes electrical power from coils in the charging pad to those in a device’s battery.

The concept has been used for electric toothbrushes for years but its potential is only now beginning to be realised for handheld devices.

The Qi Airbank, made by electronics manufacturer QDOS, is compatible with the latest Apple and Samsung mobile devices.


Emma Jefferys business coaching – for the wannabe entrepreneur

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For any friends or relatives who fancy themselves as an entrepreneur but could use a little help, Emma Jefferys offers a one-to-one coaching package with Action Woman.

Similar to life coaching, business coaching can help entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, set new targets or help launch a new business venture.

Ms Jefferys, who worked as an advertising planner for 20 years, is an accredited coach and licensed NLP practitioner living in Tunbridge Wells – where she holds workshops throughout the year.

Perhaps this could be the best Christmas gift they ever get – and one that keeps giving.