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Big interview: One for the road

If you ever find yourself in Boma, a crumbling colonial port on the banks of the Congo, you might find something that surprises you. Dodge the potholed roads

Ground control

Pre-pandemic was a golden age for corporate travel. It was standard for executives to fly frequently, whether to visit colleagues, attend industry events or meet with key clients.

Pay to play?

Finding anyone who didn’t find the past two years stressful would be a challenge, even in the most peaceful of working environments. A period overshadowed by a pandemic,

A tip to make the difference? Choose France

Created in 2005, the RIF is fitted for cargo, passenger and service ships, but also for chartered yachts sailing internationally. Depending on the French maritime administration (a part

Blowing the whistle on fraud

It was a hopeful America that, in 2008, listened to then President-elect Barack Obama promise to be the change he wanted to see. “Often the best source of

Fertile ground

It wasn’t until 1999 that global inward foreign direct investment (FDI) breached $1trn annually – just a decade earlier it wasn’t even a fifth of that. World Bank

The route to success

Over the last thirty years, technology has not only spurred the digital transformation of every industry, it has become our sixth sense – enhancing all aspects of our